How not to cover podcasts: An open letter.


More often than not, the circles of podcast fandom descend on newly posted podcast reviews from huge pop culture review sites like ravenous wolves. The unfortunate truth is that most of the time, the blame lies squarely on the editorial staff of said website. In this one rare instance, the fans are doing the good work. I’m here to point out what is going wrong in a lot of mainstream coverage of podcasting, why perfectly good writers are getting beef from Twitter, and how editors could not only fix these problems but generate a LOT more traffic.  Continue reading “How not to cover podcasts: An open letter.”


Mount Olympus University: Where Gods Have Midterms


There’s a slight chance very few people will actually read this review in full. If you’re anything like me just hearing the mere premise of this show will cause you to lose focus in your scramble to subscribe and start listening to this delightful show.

Mount Olympus University is an audio fiction series set on a peculiar college campus where the student body and faculty all have unique abilities. That is, except for Pandora, who is there on a full ride scholarship (that she didn’t apply for). The show begins with Pandora stumbling across an abandoned student radio station deep within the ever-changing hallways of MOU.

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Song Salad: A buffet of quality podcasting

song salad.png

Pound for pound, Song Salad delivers more smiles-per-episode than any other non-fiction podcast I am current subscribed to. The hosts have great chemistry, the concept is solid, the content is varied, the humor is genuine.

Song Salad is a weekly musically-charged podcast in which hosts Shannon and Scott produce a short song about a random Wikipedia topic using a randomly selected genre of music.  Both driving forces of the episode are chosen by spinning a fictional salad spinner which is represented by an improvised sound effect suggested by fans of the show (to give an idea of the wackiness of said sound effects, one episode’s salad spinner noise is “a cat performing dubstep”).  Continue reading “Song Salad: A buffet of quality podcasting”

The Habitat : a failure to launch [Review]


I like the NASA space program. A lot. I kept a paper model of the Orion capsule on my desk for years after an unmanned test launch, I planned a day around being by a computer when the Curiosity rover was supposed to be landing. I really enjoy anything even tangentially related to the space program.

Gimlet’s newest non-fiction series The Habitat trades on people like myself’s childlike wonder for space travel and anything involving space. Unfortunately the majority of that wonder is reserved for the first three episodes when host Lynn Levy (late of Radiolab and Studio360) cuts away from the main point of the series to discuss relevant facts about space mission history.

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The DIY acoustic box that only cost $10 (and my dignity)

A secret weapon of many podcasters and voice actors on a budget is the acoustic box (or mic box or whatever random-ass name someone has come up with for their YouTube tutorial). At its core the concept is simple: take a box, line the inside with foam to deaden any sound bouncing around, thus giving a more professional-sounding final product. No more need to drop dollars on acoustic foam tiles that make ones’ bedroom look like they’re trying to be the next hot YouTube gamer. Continue reading “The DIY acoustic box that only cost $10 (and my dignity)”

The End of Time & Other Bothers | First Impressions

EOT_promocard_apr15The End of Time & Other Bothers is an improvised role-playing game set in the fantasy universe of popular medieval fantasy podcast Alba Salix, Royal Physician. Launching the same day as this article’s publication, this role-playing game podcast is far closer to a traditional audio-drama at the DNA level than your bog-standard tabletop RPG podcast, and that is a fantastic thing.

Before I dive in, a quick disclaimer: This will probably be one of the more unique takes on The End of Time & Other Bothers.  Why? I’m one of the few people left alive who love quality audio dramas, have a soft spot for sword ‘n sorcery, and dig a diverse cast who hasn’t heard a single second of Alba Salix or either of its spin-off shows.  Continue reading “The End of Time & Other Bothers | First Impressions”